Hi, I'm Jordan!

Creating magical spaces and events any chance I get!

Here’s my story, my name is Jordan, a business women, dog mom, and overall perfectionist to my core, with a passion for creating magical spaces, and memories with family, and friends. The idea for Cloud Nine Design Agency developed after my boyfriend, and I bought our first home together. When we bought our home we imagined a fresh coat of paint, and new floors, but a few days into demo we found mold. What we thought would be a month project ended up being a 7 month project. It was a long process, but I am so grateful I was able to design our dream space, that really feels like a home.

You might be wondering, how did Cloud Nine get started? 

Not long afterwards, my best friend got engaged, and (surprise) she was also pregnant! Before you knew it I was planning a bridal shower, baby shower, and bachelorette party! Now, it’s a never ending celebration from group activities, birthday parties, and networking events! While I enjoy event + interior design, my biggest strength was always helping others. I have found in my career that I always find a way to connect with people. Cloud Nine Design Agency is focused on brining my clients dream to reality by making their home or event magical. 


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